Old Spice’s Manswering Machine ⟶

Giving the Internet Advice on Smells and Life with Terry Crews 

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The holiday seasons are rife with problems. Good thing Terry Crews has the answers on smells and life, which is why we created a one-of-a-kind phone line to ask all the pressing holiday questions to our powerful smelltivational speaker. Should you fake sick to skip out on the holidays? What’s the best deodorant for a Thanksgiving feast? Need help setting a friend up on a blind date? Or just not sure how to spend the holidays? Users called in with hard-hitting questions that only the tough-loving, tender-hearted Terry could answer. After listening to all the questions left on the Manswering Machine, we chose the best ones to become over-the-top animated GIFs. I lead the creative direction of the gifs, and worked on the motion graphics and editing for them. See Terry in all his glory here.
Terry's Best Advice
Over 20 video assets were made, throughout 6 months for the Old Spice Manswering Machine campaign. And after shuffling through 500+ voicemails, Terry gave terry-ific advice was bestowed upon to all. Here are some of my favorites nuggets of Old Spice flavored, Terry penned bits of our advice and questions.
Molten Turkey
Voicemail: “Terry I need your help, I waited way too long to buy this turkey. I don't have time to flame broil it and I don't have a deep fryer. What simple action can I perform that will cook a Turkey?”

Response: Two words for you Mr Anonymous, “Molten Microwave”. Toss it in the nearest active volcano for no more than 16 seconds, leaving you plenty of time to set the table and write some light poetry before your guests arrive.
Manliest Centerpiece
Voicemail: “Hey Terry, I would like to know how to make the manliest centerpiece for my table. I want it to be so manly that all the men around the table scream like cavemen and rip their shirts off—including my 1-year old boy. Thank you.”

Response: There is only one centerpiece capable of fulfilling those dreams this winter. And you can see those dreams gloriously fulfilled in this gif.
Voicemail: “I would like some recipes that are easy to make.” 

Response: Introducing the hallmark of this holiday season: Cran-Terry Sauce. Fire up that stove. Place 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of orange juice inside a standard cooking vessel. Dissolve them together over those flames. Add 12 ounces of cranberries to the mix and bring those beautiful little round fruits to a light boil for 10 minutes. Voila, simplicity in the sweetest of sauces.